27 august free 2g-3g airtel unlimited and browsing

Airtel 3G,Gprs Internet Working Free All Over India By using a Simple proxy Trick.
You just need a Airtel sim then to get a airtel 3g network you have to Activate 3g on airtel by sending a MSG (type 3G and send it to 121) u will got a message for activation of 3g in maximum 4 hrs.).

After getting the 3g network just use the below settings to use free Airtel 3g unlimited.

Access Point APN : airtelmms.com
Proxy IP :
Port : 80
Home Page : www.trickjet.com

[More Ip-port updated .... Change proxy and port with new proxy and port provided below]

How To set Proxy in Firefox ?

For doing proxy settings on pc in mozilla firefox go to…
tools ->options->advance-network-setting and..
put the following proxy and port :P
port- 80 for more help check below screenshot.
Here is screenshot of my downloading speed with 21.6 Mbps modem.
This trick is working Both in 3g nd 2g normal simcards. So enjoy guys comment here if You have any problem.

More Working Proxy Port is here… You can also use different ip for download and surfing.
ProxyPort Country Type
1m 24s117.59.3.1368909flag ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
3m 24s193.174.155.273128flag GermanyHTTPHigh +KA
3m 24s59.78.58.2188909flag ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
3m 24s119.247.242.1458909flag Hong KongHTTPHigh +KA
3m 24s113.254.23.1498909flag Hong KongHTTPHigh +KA
4m 24s158.130.6.2533128flag United StatesHTTPHigh +KA
4m 24s143.248.139.1713124flag Korea, Republic ofHTTPHigh
4m 24s222.60.8.868080flag ChinaHTTPSHigh +KA
4m 24s91.194.247.2278080flag Russian FederationHTTPMedium
4m 24s129.130.252.1413124flag United StatesHTTPHigh
5m 25s60.190.253.12980flag ChinaHTTPMedium
5m 25s212.182.64.863128flag PolandHTTPSHigh +KA
6m 24s119.247.147.1148909flag Hong KongHTTPHigh +KA
6m 24s118.232.56.1518909flag Taiwan, Republic of ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
6m 24s128.10.19.523124flag United StatesHTTPHigh +KA
6m 24s131.247.2.2453124flag United StatesHTTPHigh +KA
7m 24s122.156.222.1988909flag ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
8m 24s146.57.249.993128flag United StatesHTTPHigh +KA
8m 24s152.15.98.2263127flag United StatesHTTPHigh +KA
8m 24s196.200.140.1980flag MoroccoHTTPSHigh +KA
8m 24s124.28.196.1888909flag ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
9m 24s117.94.101.188909flag ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
9m 24s218.191.199.518909flag Hong KongHTTPHigh +KA
9m 24s115.155.78.688909flag ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
10m 24s113.55.0.2223128flag ChinaHTTPSHigh +KA
10m 24s208.43.170.1258080flag United StatesHTTPHigh +KA
10m 24s115.155.107.78909flag ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
10m 24s118.233.222.1598909flag Taiwan, Republic of ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
10m 24s111.116.78.888909flag ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
10m 24s113.254.53.2248909flag Hong KongHTTPHigh +KA
11m 25s119.247.45.568909flag Hong KongHTTPHigh +KA
12m 25s132.170.3.323128flag United StatesHTTPHigh +KA
12m 25s211.222.202.10980flag Korea, Republic ofHTTPMedium
12m 25s220.242.105.2188909flag ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
12m 25s222.162.86.98909flag ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
12m 25s129.105.15.383128flag United StatesHTTPHigh
13m 24s222.172.12.788909flag ChinaHTTPHigh +KA
13m 24s192.197.121.023128flag CanadaHTTPHigh
13m 24s130.49.221.413127flag United StatesHTTPHigh
13m 24s208.52.90.16780flag United StatesHTTPMedium
13m 24s60.190.253.13380flag ChinaHTTPSHigh +KA
14m 25s218.28.235.423128flag ChinaHTTPSHigh +KA
14m 25s210.101.131.2328080flag Korea, Republic ofHTTPMedium
14m 25s133.1.74.16368664flag Korea, Republic ofHTTPHigh +KA
14m 25s124.244.34.1538909flag Hong KongHTTPHigh +KA
14m 25s61.238.56.728909flag Hong KongHTTPHigh +KA

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