Get Huge Traffic From Facebook For Free

Hello friends, Now its possible to get huge traffic from Facebook for free.. Wondering how? follow our tutorial and enjoy !!!.
Facebook is now the best and most effective way to get huge traffic to your blog/site.Here is the simple 5 step tips to work out the unique trick. I'm extremely happy by sharing this because it helped me a lot to increase my visitors/page views. Why wait more?
At first logon to your fb page
  1. Type the following on your web browser “
  2. Click Edit import settings link (Under the subcribe section)
  3. Now enter the RSS feeds URL of your blog.
  4. Click Start Importing then hit Confirm button.
That’s it, Now you can see your blog post feed, retrieved by facebook. Here after automatically update your blog feeds in notes.
If  write your personal notes with your blog description and keywords, you can get more traffic from it.
  • Click “Notes” link in the left side panel.
  • Complete the all detail like title, description, keywords,
  • Publish it
 Enjoy !!!

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