Get sathik vpn 3.0 trial servers free

A special thanks to Shiva Raju for posting this information on my wall. Since what I am posting is a freebie I am not sure for how long will it work. Free SATHIK VPN 3.0
Welcome to SATHIK VPN 3.0 , the only place where you can get the SATHIK VPN 3.0 for free! We give out only 300 Trial downloads a week because of the limited amount we have due to popularity. Because of this, you are limtied to one(1) download per person. The Trial server work and are 100% functional.
All you have to do to get yours is to follow these 2 easy steps below.
Step 1 - Click " Share "Share
Step 2 - Post This Message 1 time on your wall and 5 times on a DIFFERENT Page on Facebook. "WOW! I just got my SATHIK VPN 3.0! So excited! Thanks. Visit the site fordownloadingGet free sathik vpn" VPN 3.0 - TRIALSERVERS THERE YOU GO
NOTE: You must complete ALL of the steps to receive
your free Trial of the SATHIK VPN 3.0!

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