Torrent downloading alternatives

Is downloading a big issue for you? I had some e mails regarding easy methods of torrentdownloading and here they go. Since downloading torrents is always a problem so you can use its alternatives which allow us to download our file through IDM..
The thing you have to do is just go to one of the following sites and download it through those site
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Code: [Select] Down nowadays
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furk.netby Nixs bro

Procedure here::

Here goes the list of Torrific Alternatives:

Code: [Select] is an online torrent downloader which runs entirely in your web browser. It allows you to download files using bittorrent without having to install any other third partyapplication.

How To Use Bitlet.Org ?

1) Just put the url of any torrent file and click on download torrent.

2) Then it will open another window and take some time , says loading machine.

3) Then select target location where you want to save that file.

4) And start download

5) You can choose settings using settings option.

6) Remember that You must have Java installed to use this facility.


This site also useful to download torrents online without using any third partyapplication because they self developed their own torrent downloader file.

How To Download Torrent using ?

1) Just go to
Code: [Select]
2)Paste the url of your torrent which you want to download.Here you can also browse that torrent if you have already downloaded in PC and Upload it.

3)Select Normal size or Small size, both have no such big difference. Choose any option.

4) Click on Direct URL of the exe-file . They will create their own exe torrent setup file to download that torrent.

5) Press start download.

6) Download that small file which is in KB size

7) Save it on desktop. Now open that file.

Now when you open that file, a windows security alert appear. Click on unblock.

9) Now your torrent.exe is ready to download your torrent file.

10) You can pause or resume it according to your work time.

Wyzo Browser

Wyzo is an awesome browser powered by mozilla that optimizes your online media experience.It will accelerate your web downloads, let you download torrents with a single click.It has many popular features including Bittorrent intigration.

With Wyzo Browser you able to download torrent file in you browser without any torrent client.

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