Trick for downloading airtel, speed 500-600kb in IDM

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Note : Trick is only for downloading , I got speed 500-600kb in IDM but brpwsing speed is very slow

Here is Trick.

Step 1. Download Dot proxy

Step 2.
put back query in URL MOD like 0:/? or ? or ?

Step 3.use any proxy with 80 port

SOME Working Proxies :80

Fast Proxies at Port 80

Fast Proxies at Port 8080

fast proxy find it here

First open up dotproxy and set it to listen to port 8080

Now in url mode type " 0:? "

now open mozilaa firefox , some times not working in Chrome.

Go to Mozilla Browser Tools - option- Advance -Network -Set Proxy as and port 8080.
but browsing speed is low. . but in IDm got speed 3g like 400 to 600 kb. Working in Maharashtra..

For Browsing : Download Proxie Fire and set

all port are = 80
and use HP=
use chrome to browse

Put proxy-
in ur browser and IDM
open or
( by hegde )working in bangalore.

Host Trick For mobile : And also PC

U can use this trick in
handler applications.
U may use by selecting Proxy Server as HTTP or REAL HOST and put Proxy Server as

Steat 1. Download handler opera
Step-2: Open the Opera

Step-3: Select Network Setting.

Step-4: Select 'Config Name' and enter the name whatever you want.

Step-5: Select 'Filter', delete everything present inside it and leave it empty.

Step-6: Select 'Proxy type' as Real Host in the options.

Step-7: Enter in the 'Proxy Server' field.

For Pc Use Download Vnap Broswer
Set Mentioned Backquery and witl listed proxies.
browsing speed is good

Simple Mobile Browsing Trick Super Speed
try with Default Setting



Airtel Banned All VPN Trick in Maharastra but PD proxy working in other state use ICMp port 135, 110, 9201 etc.

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