Use tunnelling for free Airtel interne

All of you know via udp 53 got banned in india on 4/2/2012.......and tcp n udp are both notworking so we cant use any vpn as no open ports........ who cares for open ports when u can tunnel without open ports just use pd- proxy n select icmp protocol n will get connected within 1sec so just enjoy...... HIT LIKE IF IT WORKS FOR U here's the linkCode: [Select] [nofollow] working in maharashtra....reply with states whether working for u or not aaj meri speed itni achi kaise aa rahi hai lagta hai airtel k server par load kam hai just try n reply This post is from Friends if you need any kind of help with gprs tricks, mobile phone tips, downloads, free recharge anything at all you can comment here or mail me @ You can add me as friend on facebook or follow me on twitter

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