Why readbud is a total scam?

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Guys I am sorry about something which I did to you yesterday. I almost cheated you guys. Tricksreview always prides itself in bringing you genuine money making opportunities online and working free recharge offers. I posted about readbud.com yesterday and after doing a preliminary search on the site's veracity I just posted about it with my referral links. Till now two guys have signed up with my referral id and I am extremely sorry that I caused them this waste of opportunity. Please don't sign up at readbud.com either now or sometime later. Neither spend any time on the site. Readbud's a complete and total scam. It never pays.


How can I be so sure now? Remember when a deal sounds too good to be true; it probably isn't... With the same thinking in mind I did a traffic stats search in google with the keywords " traffic stats readbud". The very first result pointed to the site: https://flippa.com/2666161-readbud-com-high-traffic-website-10-mil-impressions-p-m-450-000-members
It says that in november 2011 this site readbud.com was sold. Now nothing's wrong with that. But whenever you sell a website at flippa you got to post all true details about it. I don't say readbud's a scam. Readbud proudly declares itself to be a scam. I read the whole page word by word and it said that the site can be run at potentially zero cost other than operating server costs because it never pays anyone. At that time it had around 4 lakh registered users and it never paid.
Their strategy is to give you a dollar a day untill you reach $30 and then the offers for articles stop coming. Some users after reaching $48.7 didn't get any further offers even after 1 full year.
They say that they have javascripts which measure the time spent on scrolling. If you don't actually read the article no payment. Fake bullshit. There is also no tab on the site which mentions your payment status whether you're on queue or whether you're paid. Their strategy is never allowing you reach 50 dollars. Most of their new members come from referrals. The owner said that only 5 five people will be paid each month if and only when the revenues touch $8k. This is plain ridiculous. Out of 4 lakh members only 5. What for?
Next thing which raised my suspicions were that the site is banned from google adsense. They are not genuine and they make alibis regarding that. After that I did a search which was on " readbud scam" from december 2011 to feb this year on google. And even the new owners are continuing with the same strategy. They are literally f****ing us and its earning around 5 lakh rupees every month. They have bought articles from an article directory and their advertisements are from infolinks, adbrite etc and not from the advertisers which they mention to be. Sorry guys for wasting your time.
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